– 12 November 2021 (ON-LINE) –

This conference is the yearly traditional scientific event organized by Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest. It is envisaged as a significant international event to cover a wide range of geographic topics and themes intending to raise debates inside the vast approaches of research and teaching geography. The conference aims to stimulate debate inside each suggested thematic pillar by inviting speakers from higher education, school education and research oriented institutions or environments.

In highlighting examples of good practice, research state of the art and showing novelty through teaching, the conference provides a high profile platform to advance the evidence base for a wide range of themes from physical and human environment, territorial, natural, economic and social changes and challenges within the variety of different environments.

The current landscape transformations are the result of changing relationship between an urban and rural way of life and their related forms of land organization given the natural/physical environment, global changes, economic crisis, environmental crisis, water crisis and global warming. Significant patterns of natural and human environment determined or generated specific spatial dynamics related to the changing nature of geomorphic processes, demographic, economic and social processes, recent climatic/weather changes and not ultimately water resource supply aspects, landscape and environmental challenges in the light of sustainability.